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Level 4 Ventures, Inc. applies computer models, industry benchmark data, and extensive experience to helping Senior Management, Project Management Offices, and Project Managers optimize their decision making and ensure success.

ExcelerPlan is the most flexible and powerful estimation tool available today, supporting estimation related requirement capture, estimation of all project costs, and earned value management based project status tracking.

 Level 4 offers 3 day virtual or on premise estimation training class. The class is taught by our Chief Scientist and CEO William Roetzheim. The virtual training is completely free and also awards the  attendees with 24 PMI eligible PDUs. 

Level 4’s support for the planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring (PPBE) cycle includes:

Planning: Identifying and tailoring required deliverables; development of integrated project master work breakdown structures and schedules; and development of project management supporting plans (e.g., Risk Management Plan).

Programming: Supporting the process of optimally selecting and scheduling of projects within a resource constrained environment, and forecasting the impact of various possible scenarios for project execution.

Budgeting: Budget formulation, justification, and execution. Part of this work involves working within organization specific review, approval, and oversight structures for projects.

Monitoring: Monitoring project and portfolio performance using a combination of fiduciary oversight (e.g., expenditure reconciliation) and techniques such as earned value management (EVM). ExcelerPlan implements an extension to traditional EVM with support for monitoring project health across the dimensions of schedule, cost, effort, quality, and risk.


Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Monitoring

Level 4 has prepared more than 500 independent cost estimates covering projects with a combined value over $4B, with a combined accuracy to date better than +/-5%. Independent cost estimates are used by government agencies as part of the feasibility/budgeting process; used to support vendor negotiations; and used to verify cost reasonableness in situations where less than three vendor bids are available as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations. For large procurements, independent cost proposals may be requested by a bidder to support their cost proposal development, or to perform a competitive pricing analysis.

A formal independent cost estimation process integrated in the change management process is particularly critical for large, long-term projects. These projects will normally have a significant number of change requests over the life of the project, and by their nature these change requests will be non-competitive. Without a previously agreed to estimation oversight function, there are few if any constraints on the vendor when pricing each change request.

Independent Cost Estimation

Level 4 has helped 13 of the Fortune 100, and 6 of the nation’s top 10 banks to improve estimation processes. 

Level 4 assists with the optimization of all estimation processes, including functional estimation as part of demand management; technical estimates to support resource scheduling and resource constrained scheduling; and on-going change request sizing during the project life. Our ExcelerPlan product supports single project estimates at all stages of the project life; while our ExcelerStat governance product supports demand management, integrated planning and resource forecasting, and resource scheduling.

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Acquisition Support

Level 4 has experience supporting all aspects of large, complex information technology acquisitions from feasibility through on-going project change management. Examples of acquisitions we have supported include five taxation system modernization projects ($1B total value); three IV-D (child support) system modernization projects ($1.25B total); five IV-A (welfare) system modernization projects ($3B total). Our support is generally centered on:

*Feasibility studies (cost estimates, benefit estimates, alternative analysis);

*Development of RFPs with an emphasis on the cost volume, terms and conditions, and evaluation criteria;

*Evaluation support with an emphasis on cost realism and reasonableness, risk analysis, and negotiation support;

*On-going oversight with an emphasis on change management, risk management, earned value/performance tracking, integrated project management, and independent verification and validation (IV&V); and

*Transition support with an emphasis on transition planning, transition services acquisition, transition risk management, and alternative analysis.


Exceler Plan

ExcelerPlan offers full business analytics support for planning, budgeting, and controlling individual projects. This support includes: 

Business Requirements: Capture business requirements at a level of detail sufficient for estimation purposes

Requirement Traceability: Trace requirements to specific estimation components, and track project progress in terms of completed business functionality

Cost/Effort/Schedule Estimation: Full support for estimation of cost, effort, schedule, engineering artifacts such as test cases, quality metrics including defects, breakdowns by role, and generation of populated work breakdown structures.

Project Status/Dashboard:Track project health across all dimensions, including schedule, effort, cost, quality, and risk.

Earned Value Management: Simple, easy to apply earned value management calculates a schedule performance index, effort performance index, cost performance index, quality performance index; forecasts of schedule, effort, and cost to complete based on performance to date; and forecasts on completion for schedule, effort, and cost based on performance to date.

Resource Planning: Model supported allocation of effort across specific organizations, organizational units, or down to individuals.

Three Day Estimation Training:

     We offer  3 day virtual estimation training class taught by William Roetzheim via Webex every quarter. 

This training is also awards attendees with 24 PMI eligible PDUs.


Online IT Estimation Training

About Us

Founded on December 31st, 1993—Level 4 Ventures, Inc. (Level 4) is a leader in business analytics, with support for cost model development, cost estimating, budget support, project oversight, complex acquisition support, and special financial studies. 

We have developed benchmark databases, models, and tools to support infrastructure cost modeling; acquisition cost and schedule modeling; and benefit forecasts. We have extensive experience in the area of financial management and budget support for space-related research, development, production, and lifecycle acquisition activities.

Some of our clients:


American Express

American Republic Insurance



Bank of America



Booz-Allen & Hamilton

Cambridge Consulting

Mass Mutual Life Insurance Co.


Mutual Service Insurance

National Security Agency

Navy Center for Cost Analysis

Patent and Trademark Office

Procter and Gamble

Space and Missile Command



State of California

State of Colorado

State of Ohio

State of Oregon

State of Texas

State of Virginia

State of Washington


U.S. Air Force

U.S. Army


Computer Associates

Coopers & Lybrand

Defense Information Systems Agency

Defense Logistics Agency

Deloitte &Touche

Department of Agriculture

Department of Human Services

Department of the Treasury 

Department of Veteran Affairs

Cambridge Consulting 

CAP Gemini America

Central Intelligence Agency


Chase Manhatten

Chicago Board of Trade


Computer Associates

Coopers & Lybrand

Defense Information Systems Agency

Draper Laboratories 


Ernst & Young

Federal Aviation Administration



Home Savings of America


Internal Revenue Service

JP Morgan & Company

Case Studies & Successes 

Doug Sawyer

Bank of America

"Level 4 is committed to challenging the software paradigm of widespread over budget development by providing the market with tools and services that utilize the industry's best practices."

Kyle D.

California Public Utility Commission

“Level 4 met or exceeded all milestones and delivered a completely satisfactory report ahead of schedule and under budget.”

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